APENFT Review – Is APENFT Legit Or Scam


APENFT token is a fast rising coin in the cryptocurrency market today and as such, there are people eager to try the coin out either by investing on it or trading. But before then, you should learn about the legitimacy of the coin from researches and experts before diving into investing or trading on it.

So on this article, we will review the token by listing the major pros and cons.

Please note; This is not an Affiliate Link related article, neither is it a Promotional Article. You invest on this coin at your own risk. It is never a financial advice.


What is APENFT?

APENFT Fund was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on-chain. It is built on top of TRON, one of the world’s top three public chains, and is powered by the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent.

The Fund purchases well-known traditional and NFT artworks as underlying assets, and works to improve the NFT trading standard. It provides support to government agencies, universities, lawyers and industry elites in issuing policies that govern the healthy development of the industry.


There are 19,999.80B NFT in supply.

Pros and Cons of Dogelon Mars

Pros of APENFT

  • They are fully decentralized
  • Attracts a lot of investors
  • It is listed on coinmarketcap

Cons of APENFT

  • The coin is still under research and developments
  • Multiple issues with its synchronizations between ledgers
  • Team members has no public profiles
  • No or little Github information
  • Little or no presence on Reddit
  • There is no bitcointtalk thread
  • No tradingview tracking
  • Not supported by coinbase

Is APENFT Legit or Scam?

Due to the high rate of scam in cryptocurrency, a lot of traders have been trading in fear.

According to research and reviews, APENFT is not a scam coin.

It has been listed on top cryptocurrency wallets.

How much do NFTs sell for?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets which are generally used to represent art works and other collectibles. Many individual NFTs sell for upwards of $1M each, with one selling for close to $70 million due to a recent NFT boom.

What can be turned into an NFT?

NFTs take any form one can ever think of or imagine. Some NFTs are in text form, 3D animations with audio, others are static images, web domains, or even music albums. One can even purchase the virtual pieces of clothings to wear inside the metaverse. Some NFTs are very rare, and one can only buy limited one-of-one editions.

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