Pacoca Review – Is Pacoca Legit or Scam

Pacoca review

Here’s another passive income loop to earn passive income from another source of decentralized Exchange and DeFi platform that has multi-asset support for investors to explore.

Pacoca is one of those high rising coins in the cryptocurrency market today available for investors to make simple research on and leverage on what the project and token has to offer.

On this article, we will review Pacoca token by listing the pros and cons. For investors, check out the price prediction of Pacoca for the next 10 years to further aid your research.

Please note; This is not an Affiliate Link related article, neither is it a Promotional Article. You invest on this coin at your own risk. It is never a financial advice.

About Pacoca

What is Pacoca?

Pacoca is a sweet portfolio management platform that looks to evolve into a One-stop Solution for De-Fi enthusiasts and lovers. Through Pacoca, users can track their investments across multiple De-Fi protocols.

Unlike the competition, Pacoca will be offering a bird-eye view of user’s portfolio across multiple De-Fi protocols available. The platform also permits users to invest in projects of their choice in a easy way.

Pacoca Supply

There are 63,539,121.34 PACOCA in supply.

Pros and Cons of Pacoca

Pros of Pacoca
  • They are fully decentralized
  • A lot of investors are ‘rushing in’ to invest
  • It is listed on coinmarketcap
Cons of Pacoca
  • The coin is still under research and developments
  • Pacoca has multiple issues with its synchronizations between ledgers
  • Project team unknown
  • Little or no presence on github
  • Not traceable on reddit
  • No bitcoin talk thread
  • No trading view profile

Pacoca Governance – How does it work?

This is a pool organized by the Pacoca team for $PACOCA investors to vote. Those who can gather more votes also gather the highest token. Each vote has the same value as a $PACOCA token. The Pacoca team made the voting free which won’t require you to use a fee or gas.

Who can vote?

The only criteria to participate on the poll is by having $PACOCA in your wallet or staking it in any vault that involves $PACOCA. 

You don’t know how to buy $PACOCA? Follow these simple steps on how and where to buy Pacoca.

How to vote?

It’s really easy to participate in the pacoca poll, all you need is to follow these simple steps:
  1. First step: Visit, tap on “More” and “Vote” at the footer, or just click here to go direct to the proposals.
  2. Second step: Connect your wallet directly by tapping the button at the top of the voting page.
  3. Third step: Choose the open proposal to vote for voting.
  4. Fourth step: Select your preferred option and then tap on “Vote”.

Congratulations, you have completed your poll exercise. Your vote is already counting and you only need to wait for the final result.

What is Sweet Vault?

The Pacoca team designed and brought to life the latest innovation which is set up to give you full optimization of your juicy rewards. Sweet Vaults are the newly inventions by Pacoca to help you maximize your profits.
This is made possible by enhancing the current farm yield strategy to synergize with Pacoca’s existing pools. Hence, Sweet Vaults can sustainably increase the APY of any chosen pool and enable you to earn more from farming your favorite coins.

How does Sweet Vault work?

The smart chain contract collects the original deposit from you (The user) and deposits it to the third party platform Masterchef (e.g., PancakeSwap). Then generates rewards from your initial deposit which are automatically claimed and converts them to $PACOCA. The $PACOCA rewards are now transferred to the Auto PACOCA pool, giving you a higher APY while protecting their principal.

Is Pacoca Legit or Scam?

According to research and reviews, Pacoca project have developed a problem solver. Their project looks legitimate and so far, they have been delivering on their promises. They have also earn the trust of some top cryptocurrency wallets.

Make personal research on the coin, visit coin’s official website.

Follow our blog to learn about coin legitimacy. You can share your thoughts and experiences about Pacoca on the comment section below. Don’t forget to rate and leave a review.


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