Voyager Token Review – Is Voyager Token Legit or Scam

Voyager Token review

Voyager Token is another fast rising coin in the cryptocurrency market today.

On this article, we are going to review Voyager Token.

Please note; This is not an Affiliate Link related article, neither is it a Promotional Article.

About Voyager Token

Voyager Token (VGX), also known as BQX at some exchanges, is the native token of Voyager cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange separates itself from its competitors by claiming to be a commission-free crypto broker platform and its smart order router also allows clients to trade at multiple exchanges.

Voyager Token Supply

There are 222,295,208.00 VGX in supply.

Pros of Voyager Token

  • A lot of investors are ‘flocking’ to invest
  • It is now listed on Coinbase
  • They are fully decentralized

Cons of Voyager Token

  • The coin is still under development
  • Multiple issues with its synchronizations between ledgers

Is Voyager Token Legit or Scam?

Due to the high rate of scam in cryptocurrency, a lot of traders have been trading in fear and most have also given up.

According to research, Voyager Token is not a scam coin. It has been listed on top cryptocurrency wallets like Blockchain, Binance and lots more.

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  1. I missed the token swap due to illness and lost my tokens I had saved since 2017. I feel scammed.

    All Voyager said was this:

    Thank you for reaching out.

    The VGX and LGO token swap portal closed on September 20th and the deadline has passed to swap your tokens. To enable a safe and smooth swap, it was important for all tokens to be swapped during the allotted time period specified in our announcements. Any tokens that were not swapped are no longer eligible to be swapped and no longer hold any value.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
    The Voyager Team

    I thought Voyager rewards loyalty?
    I am devastated that the company I trusted and believed in can rip off customers like this. It’s criminal.

  2. I invested and bought 5400 coins in 2017 still branded BQX / Ethos back then being a firm believer of the concept. Over time there was some rebranding & shifing in roadmaps which i followed but the core concept stayed the same and my gutfeeling remained. I stored everything safely in a hardware wallet since the voyager app is simply not available in the EU and it being a long term investment i didn’t want to store it on exchanges, you never know…

    The past year has been a very busy & rough year for me and many others i believe. This resulted in me missing out on the token swap. What strikes me the most is that in this event the people you hit are the ones deeply invested in voyager, storing it away safely and holding for the long run.

    I have discovered over the last weeks that i most definately not alone. The group i’m in is growing by the day and many are yet unaware of this.

    I have been seeking contact with your staff and you for weeks / months now, but have not received any replies. When i made a reddit post (very civilized and friendly of context) the moderators didn’t approve it so we got ignored again. This is very disappointing.

    Similar events have taken place in the past with Zilliqa and other coins, They heard their long term supporters & did the right thing.

    Example 1. Zilliqa

    Source :

    Example 2. Golem

    Source :

    Or golem for example who currently is undergoing a similar swap from GNT -> GLM and put no time limit on their swap.

    I hope we this can set something in motion, to them doing the right thing by the investors who have been supporting you for the long run and not for quick success.

    We collectively want a reopening of the 1.0 (VGX 1.0) – > voyager 2.0 (VGX 2.0) Token swap.

  3. I’ve hodled 9001 VGX tokens since 2017. My father passed away suddenly and I and wasn’t aware of the recent token swap until long after the event.
    Voyager support are not interested, quite dismissive actually but I know I’m not alone. I got the same ‘canned’ message as Seamus in the comments here.
    Neo, Zil and Axie all have token swaps that go on for a long time, VGX was very short and many like me have had the rug pulled out from under our feet.
    Voyager talk a lot about the importance of community and their Loyalty Program, but from my experience they are just empty words.
    In my opinion, Voyager are only interested in new signups and credit card adoption, so buyer beware.
    Maybe the price of VGX has recently gone higher due to there being a lot less coins in circulation. Was this the plan?
    Action speak louder than words. Maybe they can do the right thing by their community and reopen the token swap.

  4. I have also missed the token swap and I am stuck with my old VGX1.0 coins. So lost a large amount of money.
    Other token swaps remains possible for a much longer time then the 2 months provided by the Voyager team. Examples are LOOM, DATA (Streamr), GOLEM.
    Hope that the voyager team can reopen the swap

  5. I put 50k tokens in paper wallets in an envelope and gave it to my son early last year. He wasn’t to open it until he was 18 next year. I gave those tokens to my son. That’s how much I believed in voyagers future.
    Now you tell me my son’s tokens are of no value!!?!?!??? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. I missed the swap because I am in the Navy and was deployed. I didn’t realise I had to put the tokens on an exchange for them to swap over. Expensive lesson learned. Unsure if I really want to invest again. I like Voyager but because of my job I could lose all of my tokens again.

  7. Voyagers app is so painfully slow….I’m talking 3 days already on my transfer gaaawd.

    Oh yes, the token swap. What a disaster that was. I’m sure there will be another token swap. Its the only decent thing to do. Especially for the guys who were invested since 2017.

    Help these guys out Voyager.
    Show support and it will make VGX moon 🚀

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