Heads By Buju Review – Is Heads By Buju Legit or Scam

Heads By Buju Review - Is Heads By Buju Legit or Scam?

Heads by Buju is a music NFT metaverse already having a surge in the crypto community. 

Some years back, the stable coins we have now like Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT all started just like every other projects in the cryptocurrency community by creating simple solutions to problems through a blockchain system. Today, we have almost billions of these coins circulating worldwide in huge volumes.

Buju Heads is one of those projects poised at being a solution to problems on music metaverse.

This prompted the review team to carry a quick research on the project by giving a brief description of the project, listing the pros and cons of the project and highlighting other information associated with the NFT.

On this Buju Heads review, many highlights will be made concerning the legitimacy of the project.

Please note; This is not an Affiliate Link related article, neither is it a Promotional Article.

About Heads By Buju

What is Heads By Buju?

Buju Heads is a NFT project that tells a story through the eyes of African Musician and creator Buju who defies all the odds to be heard on the world stage.

The project was made through a collaboration between BujuTYE and floats metaverse systems.

Heads By Buju chronicles his past, present and future and serves as a major reference to other aspiring creators, dreamers and content makers.

Heads By Buju Supply

Buju Heads is a collection of 10,001 Buju Heads NFTs—unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. They have over 10,001 unique NFT heads existing on the Polygon Blockchain.

The collection has been released in 5 variants.

The HeadsByBuju project features a limited NFT collection where the token doubles as your membership into the Playspace: A virtual replica of Buju’s career in the metaverse.

Pros and Cons of Heads by Buju

Pros of Heads By Buju

  • Music lovers and Buju fans are rushing in to test run the project
  • They have a very functional backup for the token
  • They are fully decentralized

Cons of Heads By Buju

  • The coin is still under development
  • Multiple issues with its synchronizations between ledgers
  • Not yet listed on Coinbase

Is Heads By Buju Legit or Scam?

A lot of investors have been careful on how and what they put their money into due to high rate of scam in cryptocurrency. Some alt coins are with no sustainable project to back their token. Many have witnessed their money vanish right before them.

HeadsByBuju is not a scam coin. They have a sustainable project behind the token and it has been listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Their mission is to unlock the possibilities of Music in the Metaverse by creating new ways for fans and supporters to interact with Buju and for Buju to return the love.

Holders of Buju Heads Benefits

For those willing to jump in to grab the first bite of this project’s token, there are good rewards waiting.

  • If you hold the token, you have access to their member’s only server – Direct connections and interactions with Buju.
  • Massive and exclusive giveaways, activities and benefits (to be unlocked as the roadmap is unveiled).
  • VIP treatment and front row seats and access to future metaverse activities.
  • Unique identifier in the playspace
  • Top priority for airdrops
  • Get access to discounts on concert ticket sales

How do I get Heads By Buju Airdrops?

Register on headsbybuju as a member and wait for the launch. Airdrops will be shared among members and free NFT to be awarded too.

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