How To Delete Trust Wallet Account Permanently [In 8 Simple Steps]

How To Delete Trust Wallet Account Permanently

How To Delete Trust Wallet Account Permanently

In this article, we will teach you how to delete Trust wallet account permanently in just a few simple steps. Trust Wallet is the best multi-chain crypto wallet. The reason is that it has more to offer and doesn’t ask much from you. No need for KYC and other stressful stuff; just sign up and you can start using it to send and receive crypto in minutes. Unlike its mother exchange Binance, and other cryptocurrency exchanges that require a lot for signing up and verification. The same applies to deleting your account if you no longer need it.

Some people, especially those that have suffered huge losses in the crypto market, might want to get off the ladder and erase anything that concerns them, either temporarily or permanently. It is understandable how crypto losses can feel. However, you need to be mindful before taking such decisions if you might still need the account in the future. If you want to successfully delete your trust wallet account, follow this guide on how to delete Trust wallet account permanently.

Steps To Delete Trust Wallet Account Permanently

  • Launch your Trust Wallet app
  • Tap on the setting icon
  • Click on wallets
  • You did see the list of wallets you are using
  • Select the wallet or wallets you want to delete
  • Click on the delete icon in the top-right corner
  • A prompt will display asking if you are sure you want to delete the wallet.
  • Click on OK


If you no longer find use for the app, you can go ahead and uninstall it

Can I delete my Trust Wallet permanently?

No is the answer. Since it’s crypto and uses blockchain technology, you can’t possibly delete it, let alone permanently. You can actually delete the multi-coin wallet, but it can be recovered. Once you’ve created any crypto wallet, it remains permanent. Fine, if you don’t want to use the app anymore, just go ahead and install it.

Why can’t I delete my Trust Wallet account permanently?

Simple and straight. All crypto wallets can never be permanently deleted. You can only lose access to it if you don’t remember your recovery phrase. If you are able to recover the wallet, you will see that all your history and balance remain the same as prior to when you deleted it.

Can I recover my trust wallet account?

Yes. But only if you have a backed-up recovery phrase. Deleting your trust wallet, knowing fully well that you might still need it in the future, is putting yourself at big risk. First, if you don’t have a backup of your recovery phrase, you will lose access forever. And then, If you have any cryptos or NFT on it, that’s your big loss. You need to be very mindful when deleting important things like this.

How to recover a deleted Trust wallet account

If you have deleted your wallets on Trust Wallet and deleted the app itself, if you still remember your backup recovery phrase very well. Follow the below steps:


  • Reinstall Trust wallet app from play store or app store
  • Launch the app
  • On the Create Wallet page, click on the “I already have a wallet” option
  • Choose a multi-coin wallet
  • Type in your recovery phrase (12 words)
  • Tap import
  • Done!

Bottom Line

Trust wallets are multi-coin wallets, and even the app can be deleted, but not permanently. After clicking that delete button and uninstalling the app, your transaction history, balance, and added tokens remain. Cryptocurrencies operate on the blockchain network. You can’t remove details; you can only add them. Even after years of deleting, once you have your recovery phrase, you can still gain access to the same wallet. 

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